Modified Atmosphere Packaging Promotes Total Packaging Solution

Advancement in the technology today has promoted a lot of developments in almost all industry just like in the food packaging industry where protection and safety of food products are being taken care of. Food is an essential commodity that must be handled properly beginning from production up to its distribution. Food packaging machines are being used in most food manufacturer companies nowadays because it has been proven to be very beneficial for both manufacturers and consumers. However, there was a time before when manufacturers who uses food packaging machines; there are still a lot of downturns in packaging like short time spoilage of some food products such as pork, red meat, and vegetables. Small food companies was under the impression that by using pork packaging machines would help them save and minimize wastage and loss which is indeed true but there are still factors that need to be considered when total packaging is desired.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Technology

food packagin machinesScience has recognized the need of developing a more standard system that could solve these issues. Using pork packaging machines could speed up production process and provide savings to manufacturers in terms of labor costs.  Now, there are even more benefits that food packaging machines guarantee to both food manufacturers and consumers.  The development of Modified atmosphere packaging or MAP technology in the food industry has been recognized as one of the most established system to improve shelf life of food products. The MAP technology has been used by most pork packaging machines because it can prolong the pork’s shelf life and freshness.

Modified atmosphere packaging is a kind of system that adjusts the internal atmosphere in the package. It’s using the three major atmosphere gases namely Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide. The adjustments are also affected by the original composition of the product itself. Let’s say that for packaging pork products, it uses different proportion than those from vegetable packages. It therefore implies that different products have its own kind of gas proportion. The two techniques used in the MAP technology are gas flushing and compensated vacuum. In gas flushing, gases inside the package are modified directly while in compensated vacuum, the air inside the package is removed and the modified atmosphere is injected into the package. 

Using automatic packaging machines with the application of modified atmosphere packaging is definitely a total packaging solution because it can prolong the shelf life of food products by preventing spoilage and guarantees freshness.

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