The Innovative Food Packaging System

Do you want to extend the shelf life of your product? Do you want to save more money as a manufacturer and as retailer of products? Do you want to learn about cost effective packaging process? Here’s the deal. Try the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and learn more about automatic food packaging machines.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) helps extends the shelf life and preserves the freshness of the food product. It flushed nitrogen gas without the need for preservatives or freezing. It causes no harm to the appearance, flavour and the texture of the product. It modifies atmosphere with residual oxygen rates at 1% or less and in some cases as low as 0.1%. Modified atmosphere packaging and automatic food packaging saves the product from spoilage and will significantly increase the business profitability. Food packaging machines helps many manufacturers and consumer in attaining the quality of food product that are being sold in the market and the food product that are being consumed by the consumers.

The food packaging equipments have been designed using the latest technologies and manufactured using high grade materials and components that would last and that would suits the manufacturer’s needs. Automatic food packaging machines is a cost effective packaging process that is perfectly suited for your food products. It reduces your packaging cost as a manufacturer from dollars to cents and as well as your packaging time from days to minutes. Productivity rate has been increased while the cost has been minimized. What a great way to save money and time. Due to the demand and quality of products that the consumers are expecting, automatic food packaging machines and the application of MAP technology were highly in demand among manufacturers.

If you want to manufacture safe and high quality food products, you better invest your money in producing packaged food products that went through automatic food packaging machines. It enables the distribution of food products to long distance places safely from their point of origin to the point of consumption. Food packaging protects our food in many different ways like in chemical, biological and physical aspects. Chemical protection minimizes exposure to gases and moisture. Biological protection provides barrier to microorganisms, insects, rodents and other animals. Physical protection shields food from mechanical damage like abrasion, shock, vibration and crushing damage.

The innovations in the food packaging industry have come a long way that it provides numerous benefits to both manufacturers and consumers.


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