Modified Atmosphere Packaging Will Keep Your Goods Fresh and Protected

Automated Packaging Machines

Automatic food packaging machines have been recognized as the world wide leader in modified atmosphere packaging for the food processing industry including beef, pork, cheese, produce, and poultry. What many people don’t realize is that these automatic food packaging machines are also heavily involved in the packaging industry for moisture ,oxygen, corrosion protection and for cube reduction. Automated packaging machines can be also used for both liquid and powder packaging in bags, drums, and large totes or woven “super sacks” with spout liners. In fact, these machines have been involved with replacing VCI bags for metal parts protective packaging. By using vacuum/gas flush machinery and a standard poly bag automated packaging machines can cut packaging costs compared to a VCI bag by 30-40%. The back flush gas dilutes the air/moisture in the bag and inhibits rust formation eliminating the need to coat the metal part in light grease.


Aside from pork packaging machines and poultry packaging machines, one of today’s most significant technologies for extending shelf-life for a wide range of food products is by using Modified Atmosphere Packaging or MAP. MAP is one of today’s most significant technologies for extending shelf-life for a wide range of food products. Modified atmosphere packaging is based on alteration of the gaseous environment surrounding the product to compensate for the natural respiration of the product itself, resident micro organisms, as well as the packaging material. The existing air is replaced with a mixture of CO2, (Carbon Dioxide) and N2, (Nitrogen) which helps inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria and slows the natural oxidation process. A typical mixture would be 30% Carbon Dioxide and 70% Nitrogen, however, this can vary greatly, depending on the product.


List of ther goods where automated packaging machines is highly recommended are: electrical parts, PLC boards, precious metals, iron powders, air bag accelerants, plastic resin, plastic barrier bottle preforms, gears, casings, machine parts, motors, marine service parts, textiles, inks, paints, and caulking.


For more information regarding poultry packaging machines, pork packaging machines, automated packaging machines and automatic food packaging machines, you can do an online research or join forum discussions regarding modified atmosphere packaging.


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