Meat and Poultry Packaging Machines

Food packaging plays an important role in maintaining the freshness of the food. It also preserves and maintains the quality of the product and act as shield against harmful factors that may damage it.

For years, many of the food packaging industries have developed packaging machines to lessen and improve the quality of packaging. Because of modernization, the developed food industry has created the automatic food packaging machines. These automatic food packaging machines have synchronized to the modern technology making the machine sophisticated and easy to use.

automatic food packaging machinesWay back in 1900’s, meat packing industry had been an issue knowing that this kind of industry was viewed (or maybe until now) to be dangerous and unsanitary. People working at that time were lacked of good personal hygiene. Some may drop sweat, hair and other factors contaminating the meat. Because of these unsanitary places, rats were attracted to this. With regard to this problem, the food industry has come up an idea to create machines that can maintain the quality of the product from this kind of food process.

There different kinds of automatic food packaging machines being introduced, such as the meat packaging machines, for fruit and vegetable, granular/ powdered products, cosmetics, soap, poultry packaging machines etc.

Meat is one of the most sold perishable products in the market. These days, meat is packed for commercial and for easy handling purposes. Meat packaging machines are designed to pack accurately. There are different kinds of product made out of meat such as meatballs, diced meat, meat pie, chopped part and many more that the meat packing machines serve. There are types of packing machines depending on the function, namely, the vacuum packaging machine which is good to prolong the life-span and have the perfect appearance of the product. This function is also applied in the poultry packaging machines which the form of the whole dressed chicken is wrapped by a vacuumed film. Other types of machine are the air flush vacuum sealing machine and the thermoforming packing machine which is suitable for packing diced meat and chopped poultry parts.

Like meat packaging machines, the poultry packaging machines are giving the best packing to every poultry product from chopped different parts or even the whole ones. There is also another kind of food processing machine that is designed for poultry products, the scalding poultry machine which is very useful and helpful in removing feathers of chicken, duck, good, pigeon and other kinds of poultry.

Meat and poultry packaging machines are out and are available in the market to serve all food processors.


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