How Important Are Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment?

The food industry is included in one of the most controversial industries in the world because of the fact that its products are one of the basic needs of human life. Almost all eyes are in them in order to secure the safety of food products. The development of many packaging systems is a witness of the significance of food packaging. Businesses that cater food products should have the knowledge on the basics of food packaging including its system and tools used. You also don’t want to miss out the topic of food packaging machines that have provided so many benefits in the packaging industry. Consumers are enjoying unlimited supplies of food products today because of food packaging machines plus the use of modified atmosphere packaging technology.

modified atmosphere packaging

The advent of food packaging machines has encouraged other industry to broaden their technology when it comes to mechanism in order to provide high reliability and flexible functionality. Packaging machines also provide cost effective maintenance and increases profit by meeting the demands of the society effectively and efficiently. When it comes to packaging technology, modified atmosphere packaging equipment has brought bigger benefits and opportunities to food manufacturers. Modified atmosphere packaging or what they refer as MAP is an established technology that can protect food products from external damage and chemical deterioration. Aside from providing protection to food products, modified atmosphere packaging equipment also promote high marketing value that will both benefit the manufacturer and consumer.

There are two main factors why modified atmosphere packaging equipment is of great importance in the food packaging industry. One of which is the ability of MAP to reduce or eliminate chemical additives. MAP uses natural ways to preserve food through balancing the mixture of atmospheric gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. The factor that affects its modification is of course the natural condition of the product itself and its content. Take note that MAP could not alter the condition of a food product; let’s say the meat is not that fresh before the packaging, undergoing MAP doesn’t make it fresh. It is always important to make sure that the products that will undergo MAP should be fresh too so that its quality will be maintained.

Then, the second factor is the ability of modified atmosphere packaging to prolong the product’s shelf life by preventing growth of microbial organisms which in turn eliminates bad odor and spoilage.


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