Food Safety with Automated Packaging Machines

For the past few years, U.S food industry suffered countless violations in food security that resulted to recalls and food alerts. Food breaches didn’t only hurt the consumers but it had given great impact on manufacturers and retail market businesses. Many are diagnosed with food poisoning and most food manufacturers lost their businesses.

Meat Packaging Machines


Consumer’s confidence with food safety is imperative that they need to meticulously check the packaging of goods in the market. That is one of the reasons why most manufacturers are advised to use modified atmosphere packaging and other packaging methods that use automated packaging machines.


Modified atmosphere packaging is the modern way of containing the goods that we buy in retail markets. This is the best practiced packaging not only in food industry but also in drug companies. With the use of automated packaging machines, every commodity that needs containment is very well sealed. With this practice, growth of aerobic organisms and the speed of oxidation reactions are controlled by the process of lowering the oxygen from 20% to 0%. This method improves the shelf life condition of the food and other consumable goods.


When automatic food packaging machines were not available yet, red meat, seafood, slightly processed fruits and vegetables, pasta, cheese, bakery used goods, poultry, cooked and cured meats, ready to eat meals and dried goods are said to have not reached the consumer’s table due to spoilage and mishandling that took place during distribution. It was said that the main reason why all these beaches occur is because of the wrong method of packaging.


These days all processed and non-processed foods are secured using the automatic food packaging machines. Each has respective containment machines that are already programmed to completely seal the goods. Even the simplest forms of packaging methods use automatic food packaging machines to secure the safety of the commodity when it reaches the consumer’s table.


As consumers it is best to check the goods that we buy in the market to secure the safety of our family. It is sometimes a big help to read on labels before we include items in our groceries. If we get to see damaged packages it is our right to inform the management before it can cause some serious problems in the future. Always make sure that we are getting the right commodity with seals of proven manufacturers in terms of product security.

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