Factors Affecting Food Safety

Consumers are very particular in making sure that safety is guaranteed when buying food products. As the growth of population today is getting higher and higher, demands of the basic commodities are also getting higher. There have been a number of developments to address the increasing demands in the society and one of which is the automated packaging machines which are currently used by a lot of industries. Safety can be considered as one of the most important factor of food products together with freshness and quality. modified atmosphere packaging

Consumers must be well aware of the different factors that contribute to the safety of food products. The first factor would be food handling where it caters the kind of sanitation in preparation, processing, packaging, transportation, storage, and sales of products. People who have direct handling with the product should have high standards of hygiene.  Utensils and other materials in food processing must also be clean and if necessary, sterilized. There should be a division of raw foods from cooked foods to avoid bacterial contamination.

Next factor would be machinery especially in food packaging where protection is the number one objective. Proper and regular sanitation must be observed especially with meat packaging machines because they are mostly used to package raw products. The automation of meat packaging machines has greatly helped the food packaging industry in promoting safety and reliability because of its multiple line configurations. Automated packaging machines also provide ease and convenience to operations in terms of manipulation, controls, and sanitation.

Then, another factor would be the system used for packaging like the well established modified atmosphere packaging technology or what they usually refer as MAP. So far, MAP is the most well known packaging system used globally today. Automated packaging machines with MAP application produces impressive benefits for business and consumers. Modified atmosphere packaging is a system used for prolonging the shelf life of food products by means of atmosphere gases -Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon dioxide. In MAP, gases are balanced in proportion depending on the kind of food undergoing packaging. Through the appropriate balance of gases inside the food package, growth of unwanted micro organisms are prevented which slows down spoilage. Not only that, meat packaging machines together with modified atmosphere packaging and the right packaging container promotes freshness and safety upon storage and distribution unlike before that chemical preservative were commonly used.

The advent of so many technologies have greatly improved the way of living today. It has indeed made life easy, safe, and convenient.


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