Discover the Ability of Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Did you ever think about how food products especially raw meat can stay fresh for days in grocery stores? Given the fact that raw meat are being refrigerated, packaging is one important factor in making the product safe and fresh for a period of time as much as possible. Meat packaging machines and materials are needed to ensure quality packaging for meat products. The application of modified atmosphere packaging or MAP is also essential in promoting the freshness of food products.

It was on the 1940’s that MAP was first studied for its capacity to reduce the level of Oxygen that is only sufficient in slowing down the spoilage or ripening of an apple. Since then, many studies and researches have been conducted in order to determine other potentials of the modified atmosphere packaging technology in preserving food products. On the other hand, the advent of automated food packaging machines has also offered a great advantage and benefit for food manufacturers in many ways. The mechanism of automated meat packaging machines has greatly increased the productivity rate of food production that returns a high percentage of profit to manufacturers which is also the reason for their success in the food industry line.

 Most food packaging machines today have the application of MAP technology since it provides extension of the food products’ shelf life. Meat products are easily spoiled if the packaging is not handled correctly. Growth of bacteria and other microbes are considered to be the main spoilage factors of raw meat products. When there is bacterial contamination, meat products lose its red color that signifies poor quality. Meat packaging machines with MAP application maintain the color and prevent microbial contamination by modifying the needed oxygen concentration inside the package. Usually, there are three major gases that are used for modified atmosphere packaging and these are oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

 Having the right amount of nitrogen inside the package prevents food products that absorb carbon dioxide from collapsing.  On the other hand, the ability of carbon dioxide to preserve food products varies on its own concentration, temperature, and many others. The MAP technology is one of the most established packaging system used in modern food packaging machines because both manufacturers and consumers could make sure that food products are safe coz it’s free from bacterial contamination, fresh coz it still have the same color, taste, and have the same nutritional value.


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